The conversion analytics measure the survival rate of each deal in every phrase.  


We think knowing the odds puts you in a position to succeed. With conversion analytics, your sales leaders can better understand the deals their reps are working. 


Over a specific time span, your team can keep track of where deals currently stand and see which deals are moving to the next stage. You can check this by percent or count.  

Scroll over each section to get a count for that one individually. When you select Count, the graph will change slightly, showing you the Number of Deals Surviving. 

Conversion Rate Details

Underneath the graph is the information that makes the model tick. It allows you to input your target percentages as compared with your overall numbers. This is reflected in the graph above.  

When you filter by Count, above the graph, the chart changes slightly to reflect the actual numbers. The categories used reflect the most critical aspects of closing a deal. Close with confidence.

Check out our release here, with helpful insight from our CSO, Rod. 

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