What are the benefits of activating teams?

Teams are often a crucial component for reps using Costello effectively. They allow your reps to focus their selling by using certain playbooks.


Teams are how you manage which playbooks your users can see when they start a call and they also help us deliver more precise analytics.

Configure your teams before enabling the teams feature. If a user is not on a team and the teams feature is enabled, they will not see any playbooks.

To configure teams (and to enable them) admins can go to their profile drop down > Manage Teams.

There's a button at the top left of the page that allows you to enable teams (see below) once you've prepared your playbook. If you haven't done that yet, you should check out that article here.

The landing page will then look like this:

Clicking on the team will allow you to go to the team editing page. Here, you can change the name of the selected team or add members.

Enabling teams will limit the playbooks that a team's users can see. If a user is assigned to the "Account Executives" team, for example, they will only see playbooks that are associated with that team.  The same goes for customized Deal Dashboard views by team.

You can add members by searching for their name in the right-hand side search bar. Once you've added them, you can also set their privileges to admin or member. This matters because it will limit their access if they're only a member.

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