I'm getting an error when wrapping up a call, what should I do?

If you're getting an error here, it'll just take a second to sort out.
If you're getting an error during the wrap up process, please ping us on chat with the error you're receiving in the error dialog or copy/paste and email support@andcostello.com
Most errors are a result of validation rules in Salesforce and can be quickly fixed once you see what is actually causing the error.  An example flow is as follows:
Modifications to the Deal Status:
Validation error that you can copy/paste into chat or go resolve if you know the fields needed:
Clicked "Go Back to Wrap Up". Modifications to Deal Status are intact.  Here I can make any needed updates and wrap up again.
Clicked the Costello logo to go home without saving (if you needed to exit without the changes being made or saved):


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