How do I change the options on the right-hand sidebar of a call?

On a call, your reps need to have everything ready to go. They need to be prepared. You can help them by updating the right-hand sidebar on their calls. 


The sidebar will offer valuable information to your reps -- whenever they need it. 

Here, we'll break down what each icon means for your rep. 

Ad Hoc Notes

This section will let your reps jot down anything that comes to mind. If there's anything that the playbook doesn't cover, this is a great place to collect it.

Link to CRM

The second section is for linking your call to a lead, contact, opportunity, or account in Salesforce or Deals and Contacts in HubSpot. 

This feature is for whichever CRM you use (ours happens to be Salesforce). 

Objection handling

When a rep gets thrown an objection, it's crucial they're prepared. This section allows pre-loading of common objections (and responses) to help reps make quick transitions to deconstructing any objection.

Competitor resource

The next section gives your reps information on competitors. This way, they're prepared to compare and contrast the values of your organization against any other potential offerings. 

Customer stories

Sometimes, offering a customer story is the key tipping point on call. But, offering the right story is even better. This section allows your reps to pull up any story they need -- helping them use the best one every time. 

Value props

Here, the most important value propositions for your organization are quickly accessible. When you need to deliver one of these props, there is no time to waste. Loading up the best arguments in favor of your work will keep your reps ready to offer the best of the best whenever it's needed. 


Finally, the voicemail section is designed to assist your reps when leaving a voicemail is the next step to take. This will help them leave the most relevant message -- especially as it differs person-to-person. 

These features are some of the most crucial aspects of Costello -- and provide the most value for your reps on their calls. You can set these when building your playbook.

If you need help with building a playbook, contact and we'll be happy to help.

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