How do I link to my CRM from the call screen?

Linking to your CRM is crucial in collecting relevant information for your team. This way, your CRM will be able to retain all the information from a call. 


All the information from a call is probably important to you. If so, once you're in a call, head to the top right of the call screen and click Link to CRM (for us- that's Salesforce). 

We'll link automatically if this was a prescheduled meeting with calendar invitees in your CRM

You can also click the CRM icon on the right-hand side (for us, that's Salesforce -- hence the cloud).  You'll get the Hubspot icon if you're using their CRM instead.

You can connect to a contact, lead, account or opportunity in SFDC as well as contacts and deals in Hubspot.  This is also possible during the Wrap Up phase of the call.





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