How does the Chrome extension integrate with SalesLoft?

Costello integrates with SalesLoft in order to streamline the ability to work with both applications.

Connecting to SalesLoft in the Chrome Extension

The first time that you open the Costello Chrome extension while logged in to the SalesLoft application you will be prompted to connect with SalesLoft. Click "Connect" to start the process of connecting the two platforms.

Once you click "Connect", a popup will appear prompting you to allow Costello to communicate with SalesLoft on your behalf. If you have previously connected Costello and SalesLoft, then the popup may automatically continue and dismiss itself.

Once Costello and SalesLoft are connected, when you open the Costello Chrome extension on a SalesLoft Contact page the Costello call will automatically be linked to the respective Salesforce Contact or Lead record, automatically.

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