How does the Chrome extension work?

The newly released Chrome extension is meant to simplify your reps lives. The design follows that principle.


After downloading the extension, your team can activate it on the right-hand side of the search bar. 

Once you've turned on the sync, clicking the extension button will bring up the login page. 

Signing into your workspace and your CRM brings up the call bar, and your reps are back on the phones in no time. Start by selecting a playbook from the dropdown arrow. 

Click on one of the options to open that swimlane:

The extension is laid out like the Costello platform. Make sure you use the arrows at the bottom to move between the pages as your call progresses. 

The Disposition section is key to ensuring your information is captured for next steps. It's also crucial for accurately populating analytics.

Finally, click your workspace icon to bring up the option to logout or contact support if there are any issues. 

Happy calling!

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