What is the call wrap up page?

The post-call summary workflow allows you to capture the most important details of a call when it's over, keeping your pipeline up-to-date and updating CRM fields as needed.


When a call is complete, Costello will launch the call wrap up page. You can press Wrap Up at anytime in the right-hand corner. 

This will give your rep a chance to document the most important information and connect with a record in your CRM.

This is especially helpful for team leaders or VP's, we've learned, as it is the perfect way to see an overview of what was discussed, important information, or next steps.

Also, with Costello's new integration, you'll be able to post your summary to Slack! This is a great way to share real-time information and updates with your team. 

There are a few sections here that we'll cover. 

Opportunity/Deal Creation

At the end of every call, you're able to link to contacts/leads/accounts within SFDC or contacts in HubSpot.  From here, you're given the choice to either a.) wrap up the call and sync notes or b.) wrap up and create an opportunity or deal.  

Update CRM

If you're working on a preexisting Opportunity or Deal, you can also link to that Opp/Deal and then make CRM updates as needed to status, fields etc.

Wrap-up later

If you choose to wrap-up later (everyone's busy, we know!) you'll see the option to finish when you're on the Home page. Clicking on the call will take you back into the summary. 

That's a wrap! 

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