What are the question types in Costello and what do they do?

The question types in Costello are designed to offer both flexibility and consistency to your reps on their calls. They act as guides throughout the playbook.

Where do I find them?

When editing a playbook (check out that article for more), you'll have the option to add a new question by clicking the little plus button.

Under the drop down arrow, Input Type, you'll be able to select the input type for that particular question. This will update the input box.

What are the question types?

There are several types of questions you may come across as a Costello user:


This is for filling out questions with text in an open-ended way. Costello supports rich text formatting throughout. 


These are questions with multiple options and the ability to select one of the options you've created. Here, you won't be able to select more than one option but you will be able to make notes. 

Highlighted in blue, you'll get the chance to replace options based on your Salesforce field options. Keep an eye out for that option for other question types.  


Multiple selections can be made here. Also, this format gives the option to make general notes and notes for each of the selected options. 

Grouped Select & Grouped Multi-Select:

Here you'll get the option to make and name groups. This is great for when you have lots of options and want to keep them grouped. These follow the same format as Multi-Select. 


These questions are for inputting numbers only. 


These are for setting dates, like meetings or call-backs. You can add rich text notes here too. 


This is for selecting a date and a time.


These are for reps who deal with multiple topics and need to shift focus quickly--without lots of scrolling. Each topic is a tab, often representing a pain point. Selecting this format will allow reps to select a path to follow. 

Don't forget, you can have other questions inside your swimlane! This way you can gather relevant information for each group, while keeping them separated. 

Grouped Swimlanes:

Here you'll get the option to make and name groups for your swimlane options. This is especially helpful for reps selling multiple products with multiple pain points for each. 

Under Additional Options, you'll have these choices: 

Selecting the appropriate ones will benefit your data collection and help you better understand your calls from an analytics standpoint. 

If disposition is selected, you will be shown the overall outcome of a call. For example if a meeting was booked, the disposition of this call would display "booked a meeting".

Make sure to save or publish changes. Each question is valuable in its own way and the flexibility to choose will allow for all kinds of calls. 

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