Salesforce Integration Overview

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In order to import Salesforce data into Costello or vice versa, Costello utilizes a bi-directional syncing method. Costello users can sync updated information on any field across accounts, contacts, leads and opportunities.  Costello users are also able to create opportunities from directly within the platform.

Costello is not an APEX application and is not a managed packaged.  Costello uses the Salesforce REST API’s. When a user logs in with their SSO credentials their permissions are limited in the API just as they would be in Salesforce itself. All write operations the user performs are attributed directly to the user as well.

Costello & Salesforce Bi-Directional Sync

Costello has invested significant resources into creating a proper enterprise-grade, bi-directional sync that allows users to bring data from any record or field, and then update that data back to Salesforce. 

Costello pulls down new updates every 5 minutes as a default.  We also look at new fields/records every 24 hours, but this can be requested on demand as well. Pushing data to Salesforce is immediate and any errors that may arise will be displayed in the call wrap up screen.  Costello will not automatically retry to synch.

Common Use Cases

Costello's connection to Salesforce is used to create and update records in either platform and then sync the two platforms to mirror each other. Users have the ability through the call wrap up + playbooks themselves to update accounts, contacts, leads, and opportunities all at once.  

In some cases, an organization may wish to not synch ALL fields on those records in which case you can use the "Field Blacklisting Option" found in Settings.  For example, Costello may not need to see/synch fields that are created by MailChimp or another 3rd party system that does not interact with the sales process.

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