Feature: SDR Conversation Paths

The SDR Conversation Path is a feature Costello recently rolled out. It allows you to figure which conversation paths are leading to more opportunities and which aren't.       


As your reps complete calls, that data is aggregated into the paths feature. This will give sales leaders insights into how their language and process is performing. You can find this feature on the analytics page.

The paths analytics gives you insights into which conversations are converting. This can be broken down by rep giving you the ability to proactively coach and train on areas that can be improved. 

Think of these paths as swim lanes that your reps take as the conversation progresses. Each lane that is taken the rep will be prompted with the appropriate follow-up questions, relevant customer stories, and/or even objection handling in real-time.


When editing a playbook, disposition questions come last. 

They're going to be the questions that drive the paths. 

Just keep swimming! But, if you have more in-depth questions or problems feel free to reach out to us at support@andcostello.com and we'll walk you through it. 


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