How do I set up a playbook?

Setting up a playbook is a first step in getting Costello ready to use -- but where to start? Below, we'll run through how it works.


Once you're logged into Costello (check out our log in article if you're having trouble), you can get started by setting a playbook up for your team.

Head over to the Admin tab at the top of your screen. There, you'll find three options:

  1. Active playbooks: available for new calls and reported on in analytics.

  2. Inactive playbooks: not available for new calls but still reported on in analytics.

  3. Archived playbooks: not available for new calls or reported on in analytics.

On the right hand side, you can click New Playbook to get going. You can name this playbook and assign it to a team by using the check list.

Then, by clicking on the name, you can begin setting up the playbook in the Playbook Editor.

This is where you'll:

  1. Build and write new copy, or

  2. Insert pre-built copy from other playbooks you've created

The nav bar, on the left, will help you keep track of your overall structure as you go. 


If you want to map fields directly to your CRM for this playbook, this is also where you'll do that. 

Don't forget, you can do this for each section of your playbook. 

You can also either publish or save your draft for another time!

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