What are the sections on the home screen?

The home screen is where calling begins. Time to have great conversations. 


Here, you'll see three sections: Today, Upcoming, and Past Calls. 

For Today, if you have anything already scheduled they'll be here! Like this call in blue (linked to an Opportunity): 

If not, you might have Upcoming calls. This section gives you a heads-up on what's coming so you can prepare in advance. Being prepared is crucial. Calls here will look like they do under Today, but they'll have a date in the future. 

For Past Calls, however, you'll see the calls from the past, like this: 

This will give you the pertinent information from that call: Title, Date & Time, CRM Link, and Playbook. Remember, your CRM will be shown -- not ours! It's important to link to your CRM to keep everyone up-to-date. 

If you didn't link to your CRM at the end of the call, it'll be under Not Linked, as well as All. 

All of this information comes from your Settings: how you set up your playbooks, calls, and CRM linking.

For calls in Needs Action, you probably haven't pushed information from the call to your CRM. By clicking on the Call Title, you can go into the call and fix that issue. It'll disappear from the Needs Action section when you've resolved all outstanding problems.  

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