What Can I See With Deal View?

Introducing the Deal View 

Deal View gives reps, managers, and leaders across the company a simple, streamlined view of everything that matters when managing a deal.

The best part? Deal View is available right inside your pipeline, so you don’t have to navigate to an entirely different app, screen, or tab.

With Deal View you will be able to see the Deal Status, Deal Gaps, Key Stakeholders, Deal Summary, Call Summary, and Deal Timeline.

Deal Status

See the ‘quick hits’ quickly, including deal stage, days in stage, days active, deal amount, and other custom fields of your choosing.

Deal Summary

Quickly find the most important 3-5 deal details like key buying criteria, key challenges, and desired outcomes. Deal Summary is located in the bottom right corner of Deal View.

Call Summary

Quickly access a list of past and upcoming calls with their notes, so you can quickly prep for the next call with the right context.  The Call Summary lives in the upper right corner of Deal View.

Deal Timeline

See all of the key activities, including all customer calls and emails.

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