What data does Costello track?

The Analytics tab in Costello is home to tons of valuable insights based on your calls. 


There are 6 options under Analytics: Usage, Completion, Insights, Paths, Conversion, and Impact.



This data comes from the calls your reps are making: which playbooks are they using and how often. Choose All Playbooks for an overview or break it down by call for more specific analysis. 

This data can be sorted by rep (or overall) and by time (last 30, last 90, or custom), with the corresponding playbook on the right-hand side. 


This data is collected from the percentage of sections and questions that have been completed. This will help your reps better foresee the outcome of future calls and understand how adjustments can help.



This section collects data from each section of the playbook, while returning information specifically for answered questions (unless specified). Below, you can select each playbook individually.

This will allow you to break down responses to structured questions (e.g. single select competitor list)

Each category, then, expands to show the percentages being hit on calls. On the right, you can decide how you want to populate the graph: overall, by rep, or by brief. 

On the right, you can also choose a timeline for questions and whether or not you want to include No Response for a more holistic understanding.

If you want to change the questions you're tracking, check out the article about that! 

Finally, there are two other ways Costello collects data. They're kinda fancy, so they get their own pages. The first is SDR Conversation Paths. The second is Conversions

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