What is blacklisting for?

This will allow you to control internal versus external domains that match a specified rule.


This may seem complicated at first glance, but it's not! We don't want you to have any issues with domains or other settings from an old company name or your first middle school business. 

So, by blacklisting you'll limit interaction with those domains. 

Your company domain is automatically set as your default blacklisting. 

If you'd like to add domains, head to Admin > General Settings and add them below. Not all are created equal. Keep out the ones you don't want in Costello.

Email Domain

Keep internal and external separate. This will be especially helpful for appointments and meetings. 

Lead Field

Contact Field 

Account Field

Opportunity Field

User Field

These features are really helpful when it comes to a clean and organized calendar. For more on that feature, read our article. 



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