What is the Deal Dashboard?

Your deal dash is the motherboard of data across all your deals. 


This screen, located on the Deals tab, is a tabulation of all your deals. It's highly customizable and offers a variety of insights. 

Here, you'll find filters like Stage, Probability, Amount, Close Date, and a ton more. You can customize your Deal Dashboard by filtering on the funnel-like dropdown beneath My Dashboard.

By clicking on information in a column, you'll get the chance to edit its information. This could be rich text, amounts, or dates.

Once you've selected the filters for your columns, you can go ahead and select Advanced Filters for each of your columns.  

These advanced filters will help you with specific needs. Once selected, they'll update your columns. But, as an admin, you can do even more filtering: by Stage, Owners, and Closing Date to keep track of all the deals being run by your sales team. 

The Team button, which is followed by overviews, pops open the Team Analytics function to show breakdown by rep. 

Once you're done setting up your dash you may want to share it with your team. Check out our article on that. 

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