Where can I download the Chrome extension?

The new Chrome extension is a great new way for your sales team to increase their efficiency while keeping their sales engagement or CRM tool open. 


The Chrome extension is now available from the Chrome Web Store. Follow the link and you'll head to the Web Store. Once, there just download the extension by pressing the Add to Chrome button. 

This extension is available to all current Costello users. 

Once you've added the extension, you'll see the icon on the right of your search bar. When the prompt comes up, make sure to turn on the sync! 

Costello created the Chrome Extension based on these insights to address two key SDR needs:

  • Smaller Footprint: The extension’s smaller on-screen footprint allows SDRs to have it open inside their sales engagement tool or CRM. As a result, it’s embedded in their workflow and allows them to work from a smaller screen.
  • Integrated Workflow: Similar to the desktop version, the Chrome Extension provides reps with playbooks that include key questions, talk tracks, and other valuable resources such as objection responses, customer stories, and value props. After a call concludes, reps can push notes to the CRM, send a call summary to Slack, and even create a sales opportunity — all from the push of a button.

If you're interested in the extension but aren't set up on Costello yet, reach out to our sales team.

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