Where do I change settings for the post-call summary?

The post-call summary will help you keep track of the most important parts of your call. But, choosing what those parts are is up to you!  


Head to Admin > Screen Settings and choose the Summary Screen option. This is where you'll start making changes to the summary screen fields.

Scroll down, though, and make sure call logging is toggled on. 

Activity Logging

Select the Salesforce Activity fields to be displayed in the Call Summary section of the post-call summary screen below the Call Summary text box. These fields are optional and are typically used for capturing standardized information about the call for reporting purposes.

Adding new fields will allow the admin user to decide which elements of the call are most important and need to be kept. You can choose mandatory or optional fields and what type of field you want.

Opportunity/Deal Creation

This section allows you to prepare your reps for appropriate linking to Salesforce. Some are required, others can be added. 

Be sure to include any required fields that don't have defaults or workflow rules.

Deal Status

This section allows you to select the Salesforce Opportunity fields to be displayed in the Deal Status section of the post-call summary screen. Typically, these fields are used to update the high-level status of a deal. This information is pulled from Salesforce when this screen loads after a call and is updated when the "Wrap Up" button is pushed.  This also allows you to customize what fields show on Deal View on the Deal Dashboard.

Also, selecting Add New Category allows you to overhaul the entire structure based on what's most important to your deals. 

Here, the sections discussed in our article on the Post-Call Summary can be set up. 

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